lil' brainiac - introducing a revolutionary learning tool

November 22nd, 2011

Here at GetBonkers we believe that kids and adults interact with mobile devices and games differently. We strive to curb this gap by building products that are intuitive to everyone who would want to use them. What we really mean by this is we want to reduce the learning curve of our apps so kids and people of all ages can experience what each of our apps has to offer early and often. When GetBonkers set out to build this mission we studied a lot on how kids and adults learn. What we found is every individual learns best in a few different ways, like seeing, hearing, and experiencing things in the physical world or even through learning games. The major discovery was one of these ways tend to have an advantage dependent on the person, leading to the acceleration of the learning process.

Today, we are excited to announce that this month we are releasing a brand new iPhone and iPad app to take advantage of two very strong ways in which kids and adults learn best. Our new app is called Lil' Brainiac and we are combining audio and visual components to enhance comprehension delivered right on your mobile or tablet device.

Audio learning techniques and visual learning techniques are the two main ways kids see success in consuming information. One way is usually stronger than the other depending on the child. By combining the two we take the strengths of each technique and truly enhance the learning experience for people of all ages

Lil' Brainiac consists of a game board of visually stimulating photos/images and a series of audio clues. The player hears the audio clue, and must match the clue to its corresponding picture. Each game board consists of 12 or 24 images, and images could be random or categorized such as "foods" or "places".

What really sets this app apart is you can either create your own packs of images and audio clues, or download packs in hundreds of categories like languages, animals, foods, countries, and much more.

We can't wait to show you what we have been working on, and below are a few previews of the game!

Also, here is a list of questions that will help you determine if your child learns best through audio or visual techniques.

Visual Learning Characteristics
Q: Is your child good at spelling but forgets names?
Q: Does your child need absolute quiet while studying.
Q: Does your child likes colors & fashion.
Q: Does your child dream in color.
Q: Is your child good with sign language.

Auditory Learning Characteristics
Q: Does your child like to read out loud?
Q: Is your child good at remembering names?
Q: Does your child notice sound effects in movies?
Q: Does your child read slowly?
Q: Does your child perform well in groups?

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Lil' Brainiac Mobile Game
Lil' Brainiac Mobile Game
Lil' Brainiac Mobile Game
Lil' Brainiac Mobile Game